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          Architecture, Engineering and Construction working as one

          Autodesk is the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry’s partner in the future of design and construction.

          Design, Build and Operate more efficiently

          Courtesy of BNIM

          Empowering contractors to work smarter

          Courtesy of Mace Group

          Generate, Evaluate and Evolve Design Options


          Women in AEC

          Meet the innovators changing the architecture, engineering and construction industry.

          • Pardis Mirmalek

            Project Design Technology Leader

            Where design, data and technology overlap is where you’ll find this architect and programmer focuses her expertise.

          • Jennifer Suerth

            VP, Technical Services

            A key advisor to project teams, Jennifer provides strategic direction around constructability and implementation.

          • Lorien Barlow

            Director, Hard Hatted Woman

            Produced and directed by Lorien, Hard Hatted Woman was the first feature-length documentary about women in construction.

          • Nidhi Sekhar

            Senior Computational Designer

            The leader of a design and research group focused on the use of automation to improve decision-making and speed in the design process.

          Building the future: Exploring AEC's global construction opportunity

          70% of the world's population will live in cities by 2050. How can the architecture, engineering and construction professions help the world keep up with a growing urban population in a sustainable way?

          What's new in AEC?

          AEC Excellence Awards 2019

          The global competition is an incredible way to showcase and recognize the best AEC projects using BIM and innovative technologies. Submissions for this year’s competition have closed, finalists will be announced in August.

          Collaborative VR will disrupt the construction industry

          The InsiteVR and BIM 360 integration is the first commercially available solution on the construction platform to allow customers to host group model reviews in VR.

          Autodesk Invests in Factory_OS to Make Affordable Housing a Reality

          Factory_OS, a leader in revolutionizing home construction by building multifamily homes more affordably and sustainably received strategic investments from Autodesk and Citi.